History of the Narasaraopet Church:

Narasaraopet is a major Municipality and a Subdivision of Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh State in India.

The preaching of New Testament Christianity was started in this area in the decade of 1970. The missionaries from USA late Bro.J.C.Bailey and late Bro.Claude A. Guild proclaimed the Truth in this provision and many brethren in this area accepted the Word and since then the Kingdom of Christ has been spreading. Among those who were inspired and accepted the truth late Bro. B.Albert Prakasa Rao s/o Benjamin, a resident of Narasaraopet was one among them. He preached the truth along with his wife Sis Premalatha Lydiya. They were well encouraged by Bro. Claude A. Guild. He introduced them to Pateros Church of Christ in USA. Bro.Jack F.Nickell who worked as Elder of the above Church well encouraged Bro.B.Albert Prakasa Rao's ministry and many souls were added to the Lord's Church. Later Bro. Claude A. Guild proposed to construct a building at Narasaraopet and laid foundation in the year 1984. After Bro.Guild slept in God, Bro.Jack F.Nickell took up the project and encouraged Bro.Albert Prakasa Rao and his elder son Bro.B.Jayakar Benjamin to construct a building to the Churches of Christ at Narasaraopet. Thus a beautiful rock building with a traditional architecture was built at Narasaraopet.

This Building was started construction in the year 1999 and completed by 2002. Then it was inaugurated by the then Hon'ble Minister for Civil Supplies of State of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Kodela Siva Prasada Rao on 22nd August 2002. Since then the building has been utilizing for the Church worship services and activities. The Church has been growing spiritually in word and deed for the Glorification of God.

Late Bro.Claude A.Guild was a missionary from USA to India. He visited India many times and preached Christ the Savior of the world. He is instrumental in building the Truth in this area and establishing many congregations.

Narasaraopet Church is one of those which were established by him. He laid foundation to the Church building at Narasaraopet in the year 1984 in association with Bro.B.Albert Prakasa Rao. Later Bro.Guild was slept in God. After his demise, the above Church building was constructed with the precious support of Bro.Jack F.Nickell [USA] and Pateros Church of Christ [USA]. It is always blessing to remember him and his services rendered to the Lord's Church in India. It needs more pages to mention about his World wide Evangelism. Though he is no more now, he is always living in the hearts of the faith in this area.

Bro.Jack F. Nickell is a great Saint and Philanthropist. He previously worked as Elder of Pateros Church in Washington. He is presently associated with Scappoose Church of Christ in Oregon State. He is the Chief encourager of Narasaraopet Church activities.

He made a visit to India in the year 2000. He is instrumental in all works taken up by the Narasaraopet Church. Especially a big rock construction for the Church at Narasaraopet to which Bro.Claude A. Guild laid foundation in the year 1984 was constructed through his generous support. Further prayer halls at Ellamanda and Kakani villages were constructed by his benevolence and encouragement.

He stood always first in coming forward to help the people in India in emergent

conditions. His work is an ideal one. He loved preachers and believers as his own children and encouraged them to continue in the faith.

Late.Bro.B.Albert Prakasa Rao & Sis. Premalatha Lydia.
Late.Bro.B.Albert & Sis. Premalatha are teachers by profession. Both are from denominational back ground. After they listened to late Bro.Claude A.Guild during his trips to India, they accepted the truth and got baptized by him. Since then they started preaching and worked together and encouraged many people to come into Christ.

They laid good foundation in this area for the New Testament Truth. Their efforts yield good results in

establishing congregations. God blessed them with five children and all are baptized into Christ and continuing their faith by working for the Lord. Late.Bro.B.Albert was slept in Christ on 31-05-2004. Sis.Premalatha is aged 74 years and still working among women.

Bro.B.Jayakar Benjamin is Elder son of late Bro.B.Albert Prakas Rao. He is a graduate in Science, and Law. While he was doing academic studies, he also did graduation in Bible through Correspondence course. At the time, Bro.Claude A. Guild made a visit to Narasaraopet and gave Baptism to him. Bro.Jayakar after completion of his Law studies, started legal practice as a Lawyer at Narasaraopet Courts. While doing practice as an Advocate, he used to assist his father in his ministry. Later he started to work as a full time preacher in the congregations.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh appointed him as a Christian Marriage Licensee to perform marriages under Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872. Bro. Jack F.Nickell [USA] was pleased with his work and came forward to support him

in the Lord's ministry. Then he worked along with his father Bro.Albert and constructed the Church building at Narasaraopet. Since then he is working as Minister and Correspondent of the Narasaraopet Church of Christ. God blessed him and his wife with a son. They named him Claude Benjamin because of their love towards Late.Bro.Claude A. Guild. Now he is aged 18 years.

Sis. Vijaya Lakshmi is wife of Bro.B. Jayakar Benjamin. She is a graduate in Science. Originally she was born in a Denominational family. But after she was married to Bro. Jayakar Benjamin, she learnt the Truth and got baptized into Lord's Kingdom. Since then she has been assisting his husband in the ministry. Presently she is the In-charge of Women & Children Ministry in the Church.



Please Come Here:
Kotappakonda Road,
Guntur (Dist), A.P. India

Train & Bus Root:
Railway station: 3 KM
Bus Station: 1 KM

 Service Timings

Assembly Worship:
Sunday Morning
10:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M

Kids Classes:
Sunday Morning
9:00 A.M to 10:00 A.M

Bible Study:
Wednesday Evening
7:00 P.M to 8:30 P.M

Ladies Meet:
Friday Evening
7:00 P.M to 8:30 P.M